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When donors or donors play the role of NGOs. "When the donor takes the pleasure of enjoying the fruit of his gifts" Donors should be involved and witness of the facts involved in the projects. Haiti-Light-Exchange is innovation, transparency makes us different from all the thousands of NGOs. Donors can be actors or executors of projects and that is completely transparent The lenders or donors are the main actors and witnesses of projects they are involved in the construction of action. They can send their representatives and assistants to conduct on-site work that we put on the table the execution .. Haiti Light Exchange presents projects, directs donors to institutions for the implementation of projects, we are witnessing its business by directing them in their work and at the end sending reports with tangible evidence to donors. These donors can also play our part in making themselves their own companies to do the job for us, donors can also go to the field to assist the project. "When the donor takes the pleasure of enjoying the fruit of his gifts" Many people with good hearts who have good intentions and want to help but are reluctant to put their agents in charity. Interchangeability makes them themselves realize their dreams by putting a structure that transformed into actors, travelers, explorers, founder manufacturers représentateur, assistant, participating occuleur witnessed a charity undoubtedly achieved. That donors are witness with their own eyes that all the details of projects seamlessly. In doing so the world will change. Haiti-Light-Exchange is presented to the project by directing donors and executors of this project. Haiti-Light-Exchange wants nothing in return. Particularly if donors want us to continue to exist they can thank the volunteers in their own ways. Just say thank you to the volunteers with the means that might encourage, only that they want. Thanks or not we tell you we turn to our thank you for your participation Haiti-Light-Exchange helps people find accommodation during their visit to Haiti in their charitable work, tourism and other activities. Director Pierre J.Jean Haiti Haiti-Light-Light Exchange is sharing and brotherhood Haiti Light exchange gives and receives, it is the sharing of light. We help those who need aid practice, even NGOs are acting in Haiti. All those who want to come to Haiti to build or bring their knowledge in Haiti we help them by directing them Need housing in Haiti, and other practical life are our strengths to better help those who want to come to Haiti. Our projects What we offer to worldwide social projects Construction of a small hospital we have a project to build a hospital in a small village in the south of Haiti in Les Cayes-rated town Valbrune Cavaillon. The name of this village is called "White SOURCE", perched on a hill a mile from hauteur.Les people for treatment have much problem. The history of the village said that the former French colonists was hiding there is the reason why this village is so named because the locals are Métis. In this idyllic village there are giant rocks. Cultural Project SPORT sports project to implement the soccer team HT BEST SOCCER TEAM PLAYERS We plan to implement a football ball for children and adolescents by providing the necessary equipment for sport in the locality Valbrune whose young engaged in theft of others and other acts of vandalism Reforestation Program property We have a project to reforest Haiti with fruit trees. This project aims to plant fruits that are less than a year to give its fruit. Papaille, Sugarcane, bananas, peas, corn and others. Our actions and social services in the reconstruction of Haiti we helped foreigners and Haitians living abroad in their humanitarian, professional, tourism and other work. And every day we ask for them. Giving us their information, supervision, guidance, information, administrative support, courier, tour guide, exploration, quotes, information retrieval, processes employment, housing and others. We do not give them money because we do not have. We tried to help by our intellectual means. Free Service IT services / website design, graphic design work and other construction and other work for free We all started to make a directory containing all the schools in Haiti to facilitate contact with NGOs. Contact 00 - (509) 48245480 Email: haitilightexchange@yahoo.fr


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